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American girl living in Greece. Moved across the Atlantic after falling in love with my now hubby, Dimitri, and having what I like to call ‘‘my sisterhood and the traveling pants moment” (if you know, you know). Plant lady, creative type, a lover of the outdoors and all things target. Yoga teacher by the sea. Boy momma to Sotiris Adonis aka Ris, who made me a three cup of coffee kinda girl.

A true believer that you can do anything you want in this life. I’m your go to for DIYs, a modern aesthetic, healthy recipes, how to make an avocado pit actually grow, raising a multilingual child and small space living with a little person.

Coffee of choice: iced latte with almond milk


Age 31, mommy to daughter Joelle Olivia.

Just a far too sensitive, plus sized, social worker trying to raise a very sassy toddler in the state of Massachusetts! Married to my very first love, Brian and happily living with our two cats and a very vocal wiener dog.

I’m a wanna-be doula, birth junkie and podcast lover. I’m the total opposite kind of parent than I thought I would be and I am OK with that. Hiking and boating bring me joy but not as much as having a Moscow Mule in my hand while sitting around a campfire eating crab rangoons…sounds like a dream right? Anyways, I’ll be bringing all the raw emotions and ugly truths in my blogs but I also hope to share some stories that are relatable, helpful and just plain entertaining. Thanks for following along!

Coffee of choice: Iced tea please…raspberry, unsweetened.


Long story short found my love for coaching and competing in fitness and realized I wouldn’t be using my college degree in Fashion. Who uses degrees anyways.

After 7 years of being a competitive exerciser (CrossFit Games team athlete) I would retire in 2018 to have my Daughter Finnley and my Son Callan in 2020. 
While fitness is still a huge part of my life but in a much simpler way, I spend my days wiping butts and noses. My actual real dream has always been to be a mother and it’s a beautiful and messy ride. 

Feeling like I can catch my breath finally, I’ve been trying to find new passions and ignite old ones. Trying to find balance between taking care of a family and self care. Nurturing a marriage and hanging with besties. Lastly trying to figure out when I won’t have to microwave my coffee 10 times in the morning.

Coffee of choice: the largest you have with half and half


Girl Mom of two energetic, creative, imaginative, and loud angels- Emilia, age 3 and Genevieve (Evie), 8 months. A full time account executive in the fashion industry, wife, friend and wanna-be contractor. My days consist of finding the balance between being me, snack making, breastfeeding, housekeeping, cooking and defending my title as kitchen “Dance Party Queen”. 

After a quick 6 years in NY/CT, my husband and I moved back to Massachusetts in 2019, purchasing a 100+ year old home with lots of work to be done. I enjoy building (yes, building-women can do it too!), cooking, boating, family time, quality time with my girlfriends, working out, wine, and all things outdoors. 

As a mom,  I have learned the hard way that we can’t do it all, and that’s OKAY! 

I look forward to sharing stories about managing the title as mom, toddler tantrums (and emotions), kids in the kitchen, baby tricks and tips, allergies, and well anything else that comes across my plate, which in this season, seems to be a lot.

Coffee of choice: as large as you make, dark roast with a SPLASH of Almond milk.


Soon to be first time mom to a baby boy or girl – check back in to find out after I give birth in Jan 2021! I’m the wife of the world’s most patient man and the stepmom of an 18 year old college kid. I love my job in cybersecurity, real estate investing and travel – in no particular order. Loving, laughing and living one day at a time as I navigate my way through pregnancy during a pandemic. 

Coffee of choice (not pregnant): large cold brew black

Coffee of choice (pregnant): small half decaf ice latte with milk


Resident twin Momma with three babes, 2 and under… still unsure how I got here!

Born and raised New England girl, lover of all things from the cape to northern Maine. Now conveniently located in the heart of New England (NH), navigating the area and making our house a home one target trip at a time!

Full time HR professional searching for the balance between a career and 3 wild and crazy kids. A believer in magic and going ALL OUT every holiday and season for my kiddos. You can count on me to share ideas, hacks and great finds!

Currently slugging 3 cups (or more) of coffee a day to help me get by!

Coffee of choice: cold brew topped with flavored cold foam


Age almost 29; Momma to Ava & (soon-to-be) Carley!

I’ve wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember… but dang, this is hard! I’m bringing you real, honest, 21st-century motherhood in the form of words and pictures.

 I’m a big fan of crystals, plants and living free spirited, but you can also find me on the couch binge watching Netflix with a bag of chips. It’s all about balance, right? In a past life, I was a certified yoga teacher, Zumba instructor & fitness competitor. Nowadays I’m a mom, wife & working woman.

Join along with me as I navigate this new world! 

Coffee of choice: hot or iced with cream & one sugar. Easy. Simple. Delicious.