Why Three Cups of Coffee?

As a new mom and an American living in a rural Greek village – speaking minimal Greek, I was pretty overwhelmed with those first few months of caring for a newborn. With my mom and sister living in a different country, my closest girlfriend being a 3.5 hour drive away, and the majority being a trans-Atlantic flight away, you could say I was pretty desperate for a place to connect with women and indulge in everything motherhood. 

I wanted a place to share what I was learning, vent about hot topics, bounce ideas off of fellow Mamas, and of course, ask questions I had no idea the answer to. Just to be clear…I don’t really think any of us have the answers but, that’s ok. And, that’s what allows for conversation and excellent blog topics. I wanted a space where myself and other moms could discuss baby products, baby food recipes and an eye cream that could hide the newly formed wrinkles around my eyes. Can’t talk about one without the other…right?

Being a mom is a beautiful, wonderful thing, but it’s hard. The amount of new information we take in while learning to keep our tiny human alive is insurmountable. This is why “Mom Brain” is definitely a thing. No really, “Mom Brain” is not just some excuse we get to use when we lock our keys in the car or forget to grab milk at the market. After giving birth for the first time, the structure of our brain actually changes in the cognitive functioning region. When this happens, our ability to feel empathy for another person increases in order to be better caregivers. The sacrifice for this enhancement is some of our subtle aspects of memory.

Motherhood consumes your “old self”; the one that had time to paint her nails, garden, and teach herself a new skill. Your “new self”, as a mom, may be lucky enough to take a shower or an uninterrupted pee. Not to say that any of it isn’t worth it, but it sure is exhausting and all-consuming some of the time. As each month of raising my little man came and went, I found myself craving an outlet; a little escape. Three Cups of Coffee is now that outlet. It’s a shoulder you can lean on, and the bestie you can share, learn, vent and unwind with. I was looking for a place to connect with other women, ones I knew and ones I was yet to meet – so I created it.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the name, I’m formerly a one cup a day coffee drinker…. now three cups of coffee are a necessity.

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