Terrible Twos

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Before I hit you with all my heavy blog posts about the emotional roller coaster that is parenting, I’d like to bring you a little comic relief. Having a toddler is like experiencing one of those funny but not so funny stories every damn second of the day. Judge me if you must, but I have started to refer to my 2 year old daughter as a tiny psycho. She’s like a sour patch kid; sweet and sour from one sentence to the next. Sometimes I try to convince myself she’s just really smart and that’s how she knows how to mess with my mind. If you know, you know.

I swear the whole “terrible two” thing happened over night. My sweet little baby is now this sassy, independent yet clingy and bossy human that doesn’t know if she wants to laugh or cry. The demands that she has the nerve to give out…..who does she think she is? No, you can’t have M&Ms for breakfast! (Only Mom can!) I try to do my best, practice patience and refer to my favorite insta accounts that tell me how to raise kind humans. But honestly, you can only repeat, “I know you’re having big feelings” a dozen times before you just lose your mind. Do you know how difficult it is to bend down to eye level and ask your toddler to take a breath and use her words when she’s screaming in your face that she doesn’t want her milk in the blue cup that she asked for? INSANITY!

Now don’t get me wrong, although it’s absolutely draining some days, it’s really fricken funny. If you tell me you’ve never instigated an argument with your kid, you’re lying. Two can play this game my friend, and this Mama will get the last word!

Hit me up with all your tips and tales relating to those terrible two tantrums and stay tuned for stories of the tiny psycho’s earlier days of snuggles and smiles.


  • Mandi, you’re probably only expecting (ha) to hear from your young mom friends, but I can’t help myself. I can’t stop smiling for all the memories you brought back. What you shared is all true. The kind words and phrases we learned to use (And there were several, 2 of which you mentioned.) were wonderful. We knew it was the right way to deal with our babes and toddlers, instead of getting mad like some friends (not for long) of ours. But they didn’t always work, so frustration still set in sometimes. Your sense of humor is very evident, so you’ll get through these age more easily. Keep seeing the funny stuff. And hug her often. 🤗

  • Glad I brought a smile to your face! I’m gonna laugh my way through this stage or else I’ll be crying! Haha. Thanks for reading and commenting. ❤️

  • You story brought back many memories for me. Having 5 kids, all within a year apart, was extremely emotionally draining. Keep your sense of humor, you will need it for the “Horrible threes” and the pree-teen, teen years. Expect that at times you will loose your cool, during these times, a moment to count to 10 or 20 before responding to your angel faced, muched loved child will help you deal with those awful moments and just know later in life you will sit with your child and laugh at those moments.

    • I think I’m going to need to count to at least 100….in another room….with an adult beverage! Haha. But hey, if you survived 5 kids, there’s hope for me! Thanks for reading and for the comment.

  • Hang in there with the Terrible Twos! They’re not so terrible when you realize what you’re dealing with at Three!! It’s funny how in the moment things can be so challenging; the newborn stage learning all of your babies cues and what the heck you are actually doing and the twos when your little one is starting to develop their own personality-usually dealing with a mini you- it’s all so hard in the moment and then you survive those stages only to move to the next challenging but amazing stage and you look back and miss all of those moments! I really am praying I look back at the Threes with the same fond memories because Woof are they hard!! From a fellow mom, I’m sure you’re doing great and hang on in there because the rollercoaster continues!!

    • It really is a rollercoaster! Although it’s challenging, I really love watching her personality grow. Hopefully when she’s three she won’t just laugh at me when I try to give her a time out! HAHA.

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