I’m a #dopplegang-er now.

Have you heard of Dopple?

I found Dopple on Instagram but knew very little about it until Janel, one of the founders, reached out to me. Dopple is a membership service that reimagines how parents shop for their kids by receiving custom, stylish wardrobe picks at the convenience of your home. After taking a quick style quiz which asks all about your little, what size they wear, if they have any favorite items (my son loves shoes and slippers), what colors you like to dress them in, colors you don’t like to dress them in, patterns you like, brands you love, if you need a special occasion outfit, and for what season of the year. It also has price range options, how much you’re willing to spend of tops, bottoms, shoes, etc. and how many items you’d like to receive. Once you’ve taken the style questionnaire they begin curating a ‘drop’ for you based on your answers. There is a $10 service fee but this is refunded if you purchase anything from the drop.

The Drop

It took about 10 days from the time I took my quiz and placed my order to receive my son’s drop. The package was beautifully presented and came wrapped in custom tissue paper and black ribbon all neatly folded. It was so fun digging through the package to see what we had received. I didn’t know many of the brands, so it was cool to discover new companies, especially since I loved so many of the pieces. The quiz produced very accurate results and out of the 11 pieces I received, there was only one thing I didn’t like.

Now for the tricky part, a try-on haul with a 1-year-old boy. Warning, this definitely requires patience and maybe an extra set of hands. I had my husband help me with this as I was also trying to document the experience with photos to share here. Even with two of us, the try-on was…trying! Some pieces were too big, some pieces were too small, some we loved but didn’t need or wouldn’t be weather appropriate when we got back to Greece like this gorgeous Aimama army green puffer jacket. We ended up keeping two items from the drop. A Rey to Z seersucker baseball hat, perfect for Greek summers with plenty of room to grow and a Quincy Mae jumpsuit with embroidered moons. I’m a moon worshiper and as soon as I saw it, it was a must have. The neat part about receiving a drop is you only pay for what you keep (minus the $10 service fee). If you want to keep your whole drop you’ll receive 25% off. If you don’t keep everything, you have 7 days to put the clothes in the prepaid packaging they give you and send it back with UPS. Note, if in 7 days your label hasn’t been scanned by UPS they will assume you want everything and charge you for the whole drop minus the $10 service fee. Once your purchase is complete, they send you a brief survey about your experience.

Would I Dopple again?

Yes! This was a fun, easy experience and I got some great clothes for my son.  Shopping like this from home was also convenient and safe in these times of Covid. Bonus, it also supports a woman owned business. I don’t think the service fee of $10 is outrageous and lets be real, you’re bound to find something you love and then get your $10 credited back!

Want to be part of #thedopplegang?!

Try Dopple for the first time free (service fee waved) using the following link:


Tell me about your Dopple experience below or even better show me cute pics of your kids in their Dopple drop!

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